So excited about life.

It seems to me that I post on this topic a lot; the idea of seasons. I lived in Santa Barbara for 4 years and our seasons ranged from june-gloomy (60-75 with dense fog in the morning) to sunshine (70-80). That’s right, a range of about 20 degrees throughout the year. Colorado is…different. The “real feel” was -34 on Friday. So that was awesome. 

I think I’ve been writing about this because there has been so much change and uprooting in my life as of late. It is unreal the metaphors of life and sport. I’ll revisit one of my favorite trails, and now, covered in snow and impacted by the seasons, it is completely new and different. Not better or worse, just different. And you get to learn it all over again. People change, life changes, and you can either be pissed things aren’t the same, or you can get excited about the new. That trail hit 50 degrees and you bet I frolicked through the snow in my sports bra and shorts, which very well may be my new favorite thing!


Before the fall

More than the weather has changed in my life. I took a break from training after the Fearless Pro Super Sprint in San Diego (where I crashed and broke some ribs). For 17 days I did relatively nothing. Housemates would leave for work and come home and I was still perched over the puzzle in the living room, or playing solitaire (which I lost multiple times a day for 17 days straight, before realizing I was missing the queen of diamonds), or watching LOST from season 1. Getting back into things was rough. I think most athletes, and especially females, can understand. Your body changes pretty quick. I remember in high school, my assistant swim coach said “fitness is hard to gain, but easy to loose!” Wise words! But the time off allowed me to do some really great reflecting.

In the midst of all this, a huge relationship in my life ended. As an endurance athlete, dating someone outside sport can be really difficult. There are countless memes and blog posts about it. We eat a lot, smell, go to bed early, and spend a majority of our day on the roads and trails, in the pool, and at the gym. This change has forced me to take one day at a time, but I’m realizing it’s not necessarily as bad as it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more confident or happy with certain parts of my life as I do in this moment. What is the most fabulous, is training. It is one of the best gifts God has given me; an escape of endorphins and joy. It can be a chance to get out of my head, or a chance to put all my thoughts back into place and reflect. It is a chance to see the metaphors of the trail ahead of me and the changing of the seasons. 

But it’s time to jump back on the horse! Relationships are hard, but dating is weird, and blind dates are scary! My family’s advice was to wear snowpants and have an “out”. My housemate offered me her pepper spray. I was told no yoga pants, no parka, and that I had to wear a real bra (I can hardly believe I own any). I didn’t like any of these things! But I did what I was told, put on a huge smile, and remembered I like most people.

Now boys, here’s some advice if you go on a date with a triathlete, or me. Please don’t tell me how little body fat I have, or do the “you must eat really healthy all the time” thing. Because it’s going to get weird when I tell you how I’ve adopted this habit of eating dessert after breakfast. It’s awesome. 4 cookies as I write this. I also really don’t care to hear about the no-carb diet you went on. You ate 100g of cabs every day for a month and lost 8 pounds? I eat 100g of carbs every hour that I train. This may also explain your “hanger” as we get lost trying to find our way to dinner. Be smart. Have a snack.



So you see, there are going to be flops, like my baking. And I’m going to get kicked off that damn horse more than I stay on it. But come snow, -34 degree temps, or bad dates, I’m going to enjoy the dang ride!

Happy Training,



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2 Responses to Seasons

  1. Matt says:

    :( I should’ve been playing puzzle with you. And now I am convinced that everyone needs to be carrying around a carrot and chocolate orange in their winter coat.

  2. Marcus says:

    I am glad you sought advise from us first!

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