‘Tis the Season!


I love Christmas. It’s my second favorite holiday to my Birthday. Which, no matter how much you want to debate, is a holiday. 

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds selfish, right? Yep! But there’s more to it, I promise.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is about “love languages.” It sparks great conversation! Based on the book by Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages. Our love language is not only how we communicate with others and show we care for them, but also how we want to be shown love. This makes sense-you give others what you hope to get in return. The 5 love languages are: touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service. 

Touch is pretty self-explanatory. Interestingly, I have only met one guy who didn’t say his love language was touch. Words of affirmation go something like “I’m so proud of you!” “You’re such a hard worker!” “You look great today!” Quality time (QT) is also pretty self-explanatory. As is gifts. And acts of service means going out of your way to help another person (I love this one. It seems so selfless to me.). 

So think about it. What is your love language? You can only choose one. What is your friend’s love language? Your spouse?

Once I found out my mom was words of affirmation, our relationship was completely different. I went from battling with her, feeling unloved and speaking awful things to her heart, to understanding. I was able to use words and tell her what an amazing mother and friend she is to me. Her cooking is delicious, she has the most amazing legs (thanks for those!), and is so loving. It may not work for me, but it works for her and she deserves to hear it.


Possibly my least favorite wrapping paper of all time.

Now can you guess why I love my Birthday and Christmas? That’s right, my love language is gifts. It kinda sucks. I feel very material most of the time. But I absolutely love to give people things they wish for, things that are personal and show I am listening. You can tell me nice things, hug me, hang out, or help me with my car, which is all well and good and I am thankful for that, but when the UPS man comes to my front door with a package for me (bonus if it’s edible!), I light up like a kid on Christmas morning! Wait…

It may be the season for gifts (YESSS!!!) but it’s also a season when people really show their love for each other. So I encourage you to think about your love language. Try to decide what your friend’s is, and then ask them to see if you’re right. Then do something about it. Make an effort to show them you care, even if it’s awkward for you. They may really need it. And they sure as heck deserve it.

Merry Moosemas and Happy Training!!

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